Hi I am a UK citizen. My wife will apply for a spouse visa soon. Our child has the right for the UK passport by birth (born overseas) and we have submitted the application awaiting decision from the passport office. It looks fine. Meanwhile, the spouse application has a question about the child, specifically to confirm child's nationality and to provide UK passport number. The child is naturally a UK citizen by birth but does not have a passport yet. Therefore: 1. What shall we write in the spouse application form? Do we leave passport number field blank or write his passport application reference number or what? 2. Do we provide financial evidence for the spouse only without including the child (as he is a UK citizen)? Thank you

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Dear Sir,

Many thanks for your Immigration enquiry.

You are generally required to complete the application form and answer all questions. You may have to wait for your child to get his British passport prior to applying for a spouse visa for your wife. If your child is a British citizen, you will only be required to show the financial requirement for your wife.

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