How do I obtain an immigration bail? Can you please explain what are the steps that are involved? And how much are the costs? Much obliged!

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Anyone detained under immigration powers has the right to apply for bail. As a first step a Temporary Admission request to the Home Office should be made, as a Chief immigration Officer of the Home Office does have the power to release a detainee. If this is refused then a bail application will follow. This is done on a specific form B1 that can be obtained online, or if you are in detention from the staff.

A completed form should be sent to the relevant court attaching grounds for bail and supporting evidence. Within three working days you most probably will receive a hearing date.

To better your prospects of success, your application for bail will need to provide a fixed address to reside in and one/two people to act as sureties. These are people who will keep in touch with you and undertake to ensure that you do not break any conditions of release. They will also need to show a certain amount of money by way of covering for potential absconding. While these are not mandatory requirements by law, lack of an address or a surety will significantly weaken chances of success.

Please note, this is not a legal advice. Should you need a legal advice tailored to your circumstances please contact us to speak to one of our immigration solicitors.

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