i am 13 years old i want to study in uk is it possible?

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Thank you for your Question. You can apply for the Tier 4 (Child) student visa if you’re aged between 4 and 17 and you want to study at an independent school in the UK. You must also fulfil the following requirements: have a place on a course have the consent of your parent or guardian have enough money to cover your course fees and living costs be from a country that’s not in the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland meet the eligibility requirements The information and comments on this page/site is made available free of charge and for educational and information purposes only. The information and comments do not amount to and are not intended to be adopted as legal advice to any individual or company. For legal advice relating to your query relating to tier 4 child student visa in the UK, and residence requirements in the UK please contact our UK Immigration lawyers by telephone to receive advice on how to proceed for the best outcome in your Immigration case. Kind regards, Immigration Team OTS Solicitors

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