I am a 22 year old student from India. My whole immediate family lives in UK I.e my father is British National and my mother and siblings have residency visa.i have applied for a tourist as well as student visa rejected both times. Now, I have no one living in India from my extended family and I have serious mental and emotional health issue. I have been facing harassment from a particular community in my village due to my political and caste views that i have .I tried to contact police. But I have not got any help because these people are member of Ruling political party. Can I claim asylum in UK. If i, enter through France border. On what basis should I claim asylum?

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Dear Sir,


Many thanks for your enquiry.


I note the information you provided and your interest in making a claim for Asylum in the United Kingdom. Please note that the question is rather wide and there are a range of options available to you. Therefore the best way to proceed would be to contact our offices. 


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