I am on a 3 year Tier 2 visa which expires in Feb 2019. In May 2018 , I applied for asylum and had my initial screening and filled in the PIQ but have not been called for an interview. In Aug 2018, my company asked if I intend to continue working for them and if so need to start arranging for my tier 2 visa extension 1. Can I apply to extend my tier2 visa while my asylum claim is being processed. 2. Would applying to extend the tier 2 visa mean an implicit asylum withdrawal or 3. Do I have to explicitly withdraw my Asylum claim in order to pursue the tier 2 visa extension. 4. What are the chances of successfully extending the tier 2 visa given my claim for asylum. I understand withdrawing the asylum using withdrawal form means I have to agree to no well founded fear of returning home

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Dear Sir,

Many thanks for your enquiry.

I note the information you provided and your interest in pursuing a claim for asylum or extending your leave by the way of a Tier 2 visa. Please note that this is not a straightforward procedure. Therefore the best way to proceed would be to contact our offices.

Our immigration Solicitors will contact you shortly.

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