I am an Australian citizen married to a British born citizen, and am currently on a spousal visa. I accidently applied for the second part of my Leave to Remain visa a couple of months too early. When my visa will be up for renewal, I will fall short of the 5 years for the ILR by about 2 months. What are my options, will I need to reply for another 2.5 year extension just for the 2 months, and then apply for the ILR once I serve the full 5 years?

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Thank you for your Immigration enquiry.

In order to confirm whether you would need to apply for an extension prior to being entitled to apply for ILR we would need to have some further information about your matter. In particular the date you first entered the UK with leave as a partner under Appendix FM of the Immigration Rules.

A solicitor will contact you shortly to discuss your matter.

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