I am British and have worked in the United Nations system for the past 10 years. I currently reside in the US on a G4 visa, with my Mexican husband and my two children (both registered British citizens). I was recruited from the U.K. (which remains my country of repatriation and permanent residency). Noting that the HO website states exceptions can be made for when the British spouse 'works abroad either for the UK government or for an organisation closely linked to government', can the residency requirement be waivered to apply for my husband's U.K. citizenship? If anything happens to me he will not have the right to live in the US or the UK with the children and, when I retire, I will not have the required UK income to apply for his residency (since it will be a UN pension).

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Dear Madam,  your query regarding your husband’s eligibility for British citizenship raises some complex issues and we are unable to provide comprehensive advice based on the information provided thus far.  One of legal advisors who specialise in citizenship and spousal enquiries will be in touch shortly to arrange a consultation to discuss your query further. 

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