I am a British citizen. I currently have two children living in Nigeria and I wish to bring them to UK. One is just over 18 years while the other is 13 years. I brought their sibling to UK about 3 years ago when her living arrangement became unsuitable. At that time, my other two children were and they were comfortable. However, my mother is now very ill and cannot look after them. The children are both in full time education and have moved to my sister whose accommodation provision remain unsuitable.

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Many thanks for your Immigration enquiry. 

We may be able to apply for your 13-year-old child to enter the UK as the child of a parent settled in the UK. Your 18-year-old child will not be able to use this route. There are various requirements that must be met under this route, thus we will need to discuss this further with you. We will also require further information to assess how the 18-year-old individual can join you in the UK. This could be through a student visa, work visa, etc.

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