I am British citizen staying with 3 kids and my wife. Within 5 years My dad and my mom passed away in India. My eldest brother is in india. He suffer from schizophrenia from very long time. He needs 24/7 care. All these years My parents were taking care of him. As they passed away I am in limbo. Currently a carer is looking after him which is paid by me. I would certainly like him to join me in U.K. I really don't know how to go about it.

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Dear Sir,
Thank you for your enquiry. We are happy to inform you that here at OTS Solicitors, we are able to assist you on the matter, however we would require some further instructions before we can advise you.
We have emailed you and will be grateful if you could respond to us and provide us with a contact number in order to discuss the options for your brother to be sponsored to the UK on medical grounds.
If you prefer, you can call us on 0203 959 9123.
We look forward to hearing from you. 
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