I am a doctoral level psychologist and US citizen. I made mistakes on my 2017 Tier 2 application and have essentially been banned from the U.K. for 10 years because I can't prove that I made honest mistakes. In 2010, I thought I did not complete a visa application but it was processed and I was refused. In the 2017 application I did not mention the 2010 denial because I did not recall being denied-- I had taken a job in the US because I never got a COS. To make matters worse, I changed my name (due to abusive biological father) and this was seen as using multiple identities. I thought that I entered my old name on the application but it didn't print out and I was too hasty. Now it looks like I lied and tried to deceive them via multiple identities. What can I do? What are my chances?

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Dear Sir,

Thank you for your enquiry about your Tier 2 visa application. 

One of our team members has already contacted you to see how we can assist you in overcoming the consequences of the re-entry ban placed on your Immigration records. 

Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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