I am from india. I have come to uk twice for visit. I have fell in love with uk citizen and we have been in long distance relatioship from past 3 years. Because of religion and culture difference, my family dont want to accept our relationship and they are forcing me to get married as soon as possible. they have threatened me that they would lock me in if i dont listen to them. I'm not ready to be in arranged marriage, its making me afraid. I would like seek asylum in uk, as it is not safe for me to live in this country. Need help regarding this. what should i do and how should i proceed with this.

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Thank you for your enquiry. In order to apply for Asylum you must have fear of persecution based on one of 5 specific characteristics. We would recommend that you contact us on 02039 599123 or email us at info@otssolicitors.co.uk directly in order for us to advise you on your particular circumstances. 

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