I am a ghanaian living in ghana and I want to know which visa application to make to join my wife and son in the UK . Both my wife and son are British citizens. I was deported from the UK in 2010 but came voluntarily at my own expense. I have previously applied for a visitors visa which was refused in 2012. I appealed in the first tier tribunal and won but the home office re appealed against the decision and it was remitted back to the first tier tribunal which I lost this time round. I now want to settle with my wife who is now pregnant with our second child in the UK.I need assistance and a solicitor to help as to which application I should put in now. Thanks

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Dear Sir,

Many thanks for your Immigration enquiry. 

You may be in a position to apply for a Spouse Visa as the husband of a British national. This may be more challenging due to you being deported in 2010. There are various requirements that you and your spouse need to meet, such as the financial requirement. We will therefore need further information from you in order to advise you. 

Our Immigration solicitors will contact you shortly to discuss your matter further.

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