I am a non EEA family member of EEA national who got her Permanent resident in July 2017 and I am going to complete my 5 years of cohabitation in December 2017.But couple of months ago it came to my attention that I have a ccj 5 years ago which, I was’t aware untill beginning of this year.Turned our to be it was by my university when I was student with them in 2009 and I switched it to different one as I moved away from the area so they demanded some unpaid fee for next year however I was’t living at that address where the letters were sent and they took to court and I got ccj.

My question is;
1-should I declare CCJ In my PR application as it’s more than 5 years old?
As I done credit search and it doesn’t show on my credit file
2-if I declared it would it affect my application?

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Dear sir, it would be unwise not to inform the Home Office that you received a CCJ and you are supposed to declare any civil judgment or any civil penalty received in the UK.  We would suggest that you arrange a comprehensive consultation with a member of our European law team. During this consultation, you will be able to ascertain if it will affect your application for Permanent Residency

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