I came to the UK in 2002 with a South African passport through citizenship, but I am a Ghanaian, I have recently applied for a Ghanaian passport and got it, I had a student visa afterwards I arrived in the UK, but could not finish my course because my partner and son joined me from Ghana causing my expenses to increase, my son came when he was 10 years and he is now 24 with Leave to Remain as well as my partner, I also have a son born here in the UK who 12 years coming 13 this October, we have applied UK citizenship for him which we are still waiting, with my student visa in 2002, I got my national insurance number and UK driving licence, at the moment I am illegal here, what are my chances as my 12 year UK born son solely depends on me, thank you Sir/Madam.

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Thank you for your enquiry.

You may be eligible to make an application for Leave to Remain in the UK relying upon your Article 8 Rights under the ECHR as well as the length of time spent in the UK. We will need more information from you in order to advise you in full about your Immigration status in the UK.

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