I came to UK first 4 September 2007, and visa was valid till 24 December 2010, I have submitted in time application to extend Student Visa 24/12/200 which was rejected on 21/1/2011. ( resonance was I forget to sign declaration page) in this case they gave me 28 days to resubmit a fresh application.

8/2/2012 again resubmit avoid application but it was again rejected on 23/2/2011 and again gave me 28 days to resubmit the cress application (reason was this time that there was an option whihc i suppose to tick " did I live in North an Ireland or not" so I miss that option a d that's why they send it back to me and gave me 28 days to resubmit.
1/3/2011 again I resubmit avobe application with in 28 days and the application was refused with no right of appeal on 9/5/2011. After JR i got

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The legality of your residency in the United Kingdom is based on many different factors such as the validity of your applications and the application of Section 3C leave. In order to assess the lawfulness of your continuous residency in the UK, we recommend a consultation with one of our experienced legal advisor.  A member of OTS Solicitors will be in touch shortly to discuss your query further. 

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