I have recently applied for UK visit visa with my family. I have been refused even though I fulfilled all the requirements needed.I am not satisfied with the decision taken by the immigration officer. I had previously visited UK in 2003,2007,2011 and 2014.Last year I had been refused as we applied for 5 years with incomplete supporting documents.This year I had fulfilled all the previous pinpointed requirements which were not provided last time I applied for the visit visa .This year with illogical reasons they refused our visa even though i had a strong sponsor of my brother in law who is a British national.I am from Pakistan and am running my business from the last 25 years and quite settled.I need an expert consultancy.

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Thank you for your question. I am sorry that your Visit Visa has been refused. As of July 2013 it is only possible to appeal to the Immigration tribunal against refusal of a visit visa where the grounds of appeal are on human rights grounds. The options that may be available to you therefore are:
1. Re-submit your application
2. Appeal on human rights grounds (Article 8 of the European Convention of human rights)
3. Apply to have the decision judicially reviewed

Our Immigration solicitors can assist you with all three options and provide you with the best chance of succeeding. Please contact our office as soon as possible to make an appointment.

Please note, this answer cannot be taken as a legal advice until we have your full instructions. The answer provided above is for information purposes only, if you would like to proceed to full legal advice and consultation with our Immigration solicitors, please let us know your availability for an appointment by contact us on 0207 936 9960 or through our contact form.

I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

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