I have recently received my Tier 2 Extension for myself and both dependants. I am concerned that we fall short of the dates required to apply for ILR in 2021. Here are all the details 01-May-16 Original Application Date outside of UK 12-May-16 Date of first Approval letter 13-May-16 BRP Issue Date (Date on the BRP front) 27-May-16 Visa Vignette Valid From Date 27-May-16 to 04-May-19 Tier 2 visa valid fron and to. 08-Jun-16 First entry into UK 18-Apr-21 Current Leave Expires (Tier 2 extention granted) Questions are: 1) With these dates will I qualify for ILR in 2021? And what date would I put the ILR application in? I've had varying opinions that I could use 13 May or 27 May as the calculation dates. 13 May would be ok by 27 May might not be. Any advice? Thanks Sam

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