I overtsayed without a visa as I didn't need one for 31 days . When the time came we couldn't afford my bus back to London to catch my flight hence the overstay as it took a while to get the money together as he was on benefits and I had nothing on me (our wedding had to be postponed until the day he left Canada which is why I went without planning much). I will be applying for a visit visa but what do I do if I am denied due to my overstay? Can I still try to come what do I do at the border? I was denied in Ireland to UK once due to poor planning, it was my first time travelling and I hadn't a return ticket as I didn't know I needed one. I am so scared of being denied again especially as this visit will be on my husbands birthday. I never wanted to overstay I never planned to.

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Sir as a visa national, you do not need to apply for a visitor visa to enter the UK as a tourist. However, we would encourage to you make a formal application as visitor due to the fact that you have previously overstayed in the UK. This is the most appropriate course of action rather than explaining yourself to border control upon return to the UK and there is always a risk they can refuse you entry at port. 

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