I submitted application for Permanent resident card yesterday also paid the £65 fee. Only today I realised I give them wrong date in one of the questions. How can I fix it/correct the date? Do I need to call them or can I just correct it on printed application and add note it was me who 'make changes' and sign it or should I just wait 10 (from submitting application) day in which you should send the application and make them refuse my application so I can again apply online and put/give them correct information? Will I lost my £65 fee paid before or will they refund it to my since paper application was not send to them?
Thank you

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Dear Sir, we would encourage you to make a simple correction on the printed application and provide an explanation of the correct, and as you have suggested, add a note to confirm that it was you, the Applicant who is making changes and sign it.  Failing to send your printed paper application would not bode well with the Home Office.  Should you require any further advice on this matter, please contact OTS Solicitors and you shall be put in touch with a member of staff which specialises in permanent residence applications. 

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