I would like to apply for a visitor visa for my turkish partner. I meet the requirements to be a sponsor but he is currently out of work in turkey and therefore his funds are low and he is not up to date on his sgk insurance payments. Would this affect the likelihood of our application being accepted? Equally if he was to find employment shortly, would this strengthen the case and would still not having six months of insurance still be a problem?

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Thank you for your enquiry. Lack of ties and connections to Turkey will certainly effect his application as it is important to show the Home Office that your partner is a genuine visitor and will return to Turkey. Grounds for doubting the applicant’s intentions to visit the UK can occur where the applicant has few or no family and economic ties to their country of residence - for example a person with most of their family in the UK and no job or study in their own country may be considered to have few ties.

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