I would like to make an appointment with Mr. Gulbenkian to ask if i was given the right status by the H.O for being an overstayer of 27 years and married to a British citizen since 2015 but also been living together with my wife since the year 2000. I have all the documents my previous lawuer had filed on but i could not understand the type of residence permit they have given on the basis of Human rights for the period of 10 years as also i have no criminal records and have been working since arrival and contributing my dues like tax and National insurance. I would bring all the relevant documents with me including proofs of my entry . Is just we would like to ask more question regarding this permit they have granted me wether it is right or wrong also how much would the consultaton fee

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Dear Sir,

Thank you for your question.  

It appears that you have been granted Limited leave to remain with your partner on the 10 year route to settlement, as you were previously an overstayer. 

A member of OTS Solicitors will contact you to explore your Immigration options further.

Please note: this answer does not constitute legal advice. We must have your formal instructions to provide legal advice.

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OTS Solicitors

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