I'm a Chef looking to be sponsored on a Tier 2 visa. I've an offer of employment but the salary is 29750 and the requirement states that I need to at least be offered 30000. I read that even if these requirements are met that I might be turned down for a Tier 2 visa because of caps, quotas and settled skilled workers. The information is not clear online. Some sites say I need to make 30000 a year others say it is now 35000 and even others say that only wages of 50000 are being accepted by the home office. I am currently in the UK but read that I have to return to my home country just to apply. Are there any exceptions. Can I apply in Ireland for my Tier 2 instead of going all the way home, I would really like to speak with someone to get clarification regarding this. Thank you.

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Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your question.

Your salary must be at least the minimum wage for the SOC Code or £30,000 whichever is higher. At the moment the Home Office are accepting applications from sponsors if the sponsor is willing to pay a certain amount in salary, this amount varies which is why sponsors are being advised to pay more in salary in order to have more chance of securing the employee.

Whether you are able to switch to Tier 2 from within the UK would depend on your current status in the UK.

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