Im EEA citizen living in UK for 12 years, can I apply for PR based on the first 5 years that I have been living permanently as a student of minor age? If so, what proof do I need to send to UKVI? as I only have qualification certificates from that time. I understand that I must also send proof of all the 12 years to qualify, but I would like to know if they will give me PR based on the first 5 years or only for the most recent 5 years? Kind regards

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Thank you for your enquiry about permanent residence in the UK under the EEA Regulations. 

Before an EU National becomes a permanent resident in the UK he/she must be a qualified person, i.e an employee, self-employed, student, retired, or self-sufficient for at least 5 years. An EU national can rely on any 5-year period PROVIDED that they meet all of the other requirements under the EEA Regulations. Please note there are different requirements for each type of 'qualified' individual inder the EEA Regulations and therefore at this stage, it would be beneficial for you to attend our office for a consultation in which we can determine whether you are eligible to apply for permanent residence based on your first five years in the UK. 

Please note, this answer cannot be taken as a legal advice until we have your full instructions. The answer provided above is for information purposes only, if you would like to proceed to full legal advice and consultation with our Immigration solicitors, please let us know your availability for an appointment by contact us on 0207 936 9960 or through our contact form.

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