I'm Sri Lankan British and was trying sponser and get my aunt to visit my baby and to support me. We applied twice but first got rejected as she is single and retired. It said she has no intention to leave and no money to spend on return. Then on second we submitted her bank statements to show she has money to spend on return. Also medical notes of her sister to prove she is returning to look after her. Then it rejected saying she didn't have sources of fund and no reason why her arrangement to leave her sister for 3 months cannot be continued. I'm helpless on trying again.can we reapply for her and do you think having a lawyer represents will help this case?

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Dear Madam,

Thank you for your enquiry.

In the recent years, Home Office have been extremely harsh with visit visa applications. The refusal rates for visit visas are on the rise and therefore Applicants should submit a comprehensive and detailed application to avoid refusals.

We understand that a member of staff at OTS Solicitors has already spoken with you about your aunt’s visit visa application and you are liaising with them to find a solution.

Our caseworkers at OTS have dealt with several complicated visit visa applications and we are hopeful that we can assist your aunt too.

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