Im wondering if we can have some advice and have a conversation regarding my wife's impending spousal visa renewal coming up in May 2017. Visa 1 - Start: 12/08/12 End:12/11/14 Visa 2 - Start: 06/11/14 End: 12/05/17 Total 4 years 9 months As you can see we have a 3 month discrepancy up to the 5 year marker due to the regulations change in 09/07/12 where they changed this from a 2 year application to a 5 year application, my recollection was they were still offering out 27 month visas up until September/October 2012 when they upgraded them to 30 month ones so it fell in line with the new 5 year route they then took for all spouse applications. My question is - will we need to apply for a further 2.5 year visa or is there some leniency due to the way the new process was implemented?

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