Is it true that EU nationals does not need to pass Life in UK while applying for EEA3 and British Citizenship?

EEA/EU nationals: nationals from a country in the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland can apply to the Border Agency for affirmation of their permanent residence if they have lived in the UK continuously for five years. In addition not necessarily to appear in the life in the UK test, they do not even have to demonstrate a level of English language. But they have to have been employed, studying or otherwise financially self-sufficient. They should also not have been away from the UK for more than six months in every year - exceptions are made in the case of compulsory military service, pregnancies, serious illness, vocational training, or posting overseas.

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The EEA permanent residence does not require the Life in the UK test and this is something that we routinely deal with. I would suggest that we arrange a consultation to discuss your case further as there are specific requirements for applying for a residence permit.

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