I've been given refusal of entry for Tier 4 General. Failed to acquire 10 points of maintenance fees. Tuition fees has been paid. Bank statement failed to show £9135 in 28 days. New visa required due to transfer from Master to Degree. Lack of fund due to my father cancer treatment. I had submitted an administrative review request notice. Most of my parents' funds are in stock market hence such short notice, we were not able to produce qualified bank statement. Given my father condition, he really wants to see me in my graduation robe and delay in securing Tier 4 General visa will result in delay of return to school. I will need help to expedite the review and if possible to persuade the UKVI to be lenient. I have drafted a letter of leniency and I do not know who should I submit it to.

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Dear sir, unfortunately, we are unable to expedite an out of country administrative review or attempt to persuade the UKVI to show leniency. An administrative review is a review of the decision in light of an error in the application of the immigration rules or consideration of material evidence submitted at the time of the application.  Should you wish to continue to attempt to provide a letter of leniency, it can form part of your administrative review grounds. A member of OTS solicitors shall be in touch, should you wish to speak to us in depth about your administrative review or the process of reapplying for your Tier 4 visa.  

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