Me and my wife are applying for the first initial spouse visa, which is from her Tier 4 work/study visa to a spouse visa for 2.5 years. For the financial requirement, I am a director and employee of a property company. We have only been in operation for a limited time and have only recently come to the end of a full first financial tax year. In this tax year I have only been receiving an income for 5 months amounting to under £10,000. This is therefore not enough to meet the £18,600 p.a. requirement. My partner works but earns under the £18,000 requirement which leaves us in a strange position. Is there anyway I can still sponsor my wife considering my company owns a numerous properties and earns a far higher income than the minimum financial requirement?

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Dear Sir,

Thank you for your immigration enquiry.

Your partner's annual income may also be taken into account as she is legally working in the UK.

We will need to consider your employment and self-employment history in further detail.

A solicitor will contact you shortly to discuss this matter furhter. 

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