My 3 sisters and I has been permanent residents in the UK for a number of years and settled with own houses. My mother (Malaysian) is getting old and has physical complications eg stroke, high blood pressure anxiety disorder. She has been to the UK many times on visitors visa, although we are thinking of getting her here permanently. We are aware on current tight immigration UK policy and wonder if you could help out to plan her application and what is the probability for a successful outcome. Is Adult Dependent Relative Route is the way forward?

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Thank you for your enquiry.

If you are settled in the UK and have an adult relative who depends on you for day to day support and care, then they can apply for an Adult Dependent Relative Visa, so they can join you in the UK for up to five years.  After five years, your relative may apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain.

You will need to meet a number of requirements such as showing that your relative  requires long-term personal care on a day to day basis, including help with daily tasks such as washing and cooking.  And you will need to show that you can provide proper support, accommodation and care for your relative without claiming additional welfare or public funds to do so, and you must show evidence that you can continue this for a period of five years

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