My mother was born in the UK in 1962, has a UK passport. However she only obtained this passport in 2018 - previously held an Indian passport. India does not allow dual citizenship and she moved from the UK when she was very young. Did not know she could claim her citizenship till recently, and has recently obtained her passport. I am her daughter, Indian passport holder, born in 1990 outside of the UK. She did not hold a UK passport at the time of my birth. Both parents are married, father is not a British citizen (has Indian passport). Mother lives in India. I am currently in the UK on a Tier-2 work visa. Am I eligible to claim for citizenship by descent through my mother?

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Dear Madam,

Many thanks for your enquiry.

You may be able to apply for British Citizenship based on Section 2 of the Nationality Act 1981. Your mother was born in the UK in 1962, thus she should be able to prove that she is British otherwise than by decent. In any event, we will need further information form you to advise you.

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