My question is regarding the new changes brought in on the 11th of January 2018 for tier 1 entrepreneur regarding the 180 days absence being calculated retrospectively rather than in a 12 months consecutive period, as I am well within the rules if the home office accesses my ILR application according to old rules but if it applies the new rules I go beyond the limit of 180 days, so the question itself is regarding the fairness of this new rule, because I don't think it's fair to apply this rule on an applicant who exceeded the new permitted absence rule before the changes were implemented on the 11th January 2018. But the home office says all the ILR applications made after 11th January 2018 will be dealt with this manner which I think is not fair, kindly get back to me on this plz

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Dear Sir/Madam

We note your question regarding the recent changes in calculating the 180 days absences for ILR. Your understanding is correct that the current position from the Home Office is to apply this rule retrospectively. There are some limited exemptions to this. We will contact you shortly to discuss this further.  

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