My wife has left me, taking our 2 children with her. She is refusing to let me see the children until we sit down and sort out the house and other financial matters. I am sure that the children will be missing me. I am not concerned about their safety, as I know she is a good mother but I do want to see them. Do we need to decide what happens with the house first or do I have any rights to see them?

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I am sorry to hear about your separation and the fact that you are not seeing your children at the moment. Seeing your children should not be linked to sorting out financial matters. You do have legal rights. If your wife will not change her mind and agree to your having contact with your children you could apply to court for a child arrangements order. When deciding whether to make a child arrangements order to let you see the children the family judge would make a decision based on your children’s best interests, not financial matters. The family team can help you apply for a child arrangements order as well as help you resolve property and financial matters.
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Jordana Adams, Family Solicitor 
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