Covid-19 NHS Free Legal Services Helpline

All of us at OTS Solicitors in London want to show our appreciation to those of you employed in the National Health Service battling to help Londoners during the Covid-19 outbreak. As lawyers we thought of a ‘Covid-19 NHS Free Legal Services Helpline’ as our way to say thank you.

If you are a NHS employee/parent, child or spouse of an NHS employee and you need legal advice on:

  • If you are separated, contact to your children during the coronavirus outbreak and any family law related questions 

Then OTS Solicitors are here to help with:

  • A free 30 minute legal consultation

  • London front line NHS employees will get 10% off any legal services you ask us to carry out for you as a result of consulting us on our Covid-19 Free Legal Services Helpline

All you need to show is that you or your family member has a valid NHS ID card and we will then make the special consultation and discount arrangement available. This offer will last until a relaxing of the lockdown, or until 31st July, occurs later.

Keeping you protected


We know we can't protect you in the same way the NHS is protecting us all at the moment but we are doing our best to protect you and your family members legally.

We can offer all our legal services remotely with video conference, Skype or telephone appointments at times to suit you. That way you get the legal advice you need and we all stay safe and do our bit to protect the NHS.

Thank you from all of us at OTS Solicitors

Call us on 0203 959 9123 or alternatively fill in the online contact form and we will reply as soon as possible.


Relevant People: 

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