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It is a sad fact that on the 16 June many children did not have contact with their fathers. For the majority of dads who do not live with their children on a daily basis the stigma of being classed as an ‘’absent father’’ is hard to cope with on Father’s Day.

Sunday, 16 June, 2019

Top London divorce solicitors often discuss adultery with clients, as there are many common misunderstandings about what adultery means in the context of UK family law. There is also a lot of misinformation on the impact of adultery on custody and contact with children and financial settlements.

Thursday, 06 June, 2019

There have been conflicting news reports in the media that the queen has custody of baby Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. From the pictures in the media of Prince Harry, keeping a firm grip on a heavily swaddled baby Archie, with his wife Meghan’s guiding arm to the touching picture of the child’s paternal great grandparents and maternal grandmother gathering around the baby, the story all appears to be a bit of a nonsense.

Monday, 13 May, 2019
Child abduction

Most people have read that family and children court cases heard in England are clouded in secrecy, with the courts keeping the names of the parents involved in Children Act court proceedings confidential. This is done in order to preserve the anonymity of the children caught up in court battles between parents. However, one mother has been named by the English family court, as part of a court ruling to try to get the mother to comply with court orders and return her children to the UK.

Tuesday, 30 April, 2019

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Tuesday, 30 April, 2019
No Fault Divorce Solicitors


It is the news that top London divorce solicitors have been waiting for: the introduction of no fault or no blame divorce proceedings in England and Wales.


Tuesday, 30 April, 2019

Not only politicians and business owners are preparing for Brexit.

Monday, 11 March, 2019

By Jordana Adams, divorce and family law solicitor at OTS Solicitors 

Thursday, 10 January, 2019

Most couples do not think twice about where they should start their divorce proceedings. Instead, they automatically rely on their local solicitor to start divorce proceedings in a convenient court to the solicitor’s office.

Thursday, 10 January, 2019
By Jordana Adams, divorce and children solicitor with OTS Solicitors 
Tuesday, 08 January, 2019

As a London divorce solicitors, OTS family law team speaks to many people who are thinking about separating from a partner, husband or wife. The decision on whether or not to separate is never easy. People think it is if you do not have children, but in my experience, whatever your family circumstances, the decision to leave is not an easy one to make.

Wednesday, 02 January, 2019

By Jordana Adams, divorce and family finance solicitor 

Friday, 28 December, 2018

Going through a separation or divorce can be a traumatic experience. However, the stress can be made worse if you are also worried about whether you can stay in the UK after your divorce.

Friday, 28 December, 2018

By Jordana Adams, divorce and financial settlement solicitor 

Thursday, 27 December, 2018

When you know that a mistake has been made you just want to wind back the clock and cancel the error so it as if the mistake never happened. It can be like that with some marriages. However, most people assume that their only option is divorce proceedings.

Friday, 21 December, 2018

By Jordana Adams, divorce and family finance solicitor 

Have you had a letter or a call from a mediation service asking you to go to a Mediation Information and Assessment meeting? Alternatively, are you going to mediation sessions hoping to reach an agreement with your ex-spouse over who gets the family home? 

Friday, 21 December, 2018

As a London divorce solicitor, I am asked questions about divorce financial disclosure.     Some separating couples do not see the need for any financial disclosure. Other separating couples want financial paperwork going back to the early years of their relationship. 

Thursday, 20 December, 2018

As London children solicitors, parents often ask us about parental alienation. Some parents do not know about the concept of parental alienation. However, they are able to describe the problem. Other parents have done plenty of online research and diagnosed parental alienation. Top London children solicitors think that self-diagnosis of parental alienation is as dangerous as not recognising parental alienation.

Defining parental alienation

Wednesday, 19 December, 2018

After a very hectic couple of days at the London Business Show 2018 we are now back at the offices of OTS Solicitors looking back on a very busy few days.  We never realised that talking business could be such fun but with OTS Solicitors attending, exhibiting and speaking at the UK’s biggest business show with its 25,000 visitors we all thoroughly enjoyed the event. We will be booking our tickets and stand for the London Business Show 2019.

Thursday, 29 November, 2018

OTS Solicitors are delighted and very proud to announce that Hans Sok Appadu has qualified as a solicitor after 4 years of working at OTS Solicitors in London, initially as a paralegal and latterly as a trainee solicitor.  

Friday, 23 November, 2018

For most would be parents the laws on adoption are a minefield of confusing rules and regulations. Adoptive parents can feel overwhelmed by the emotional drain of the adoption process. The proceedings can feel even more challenging when parents are also having to get to grips with issues surrounding foreign or intercountry adoption and the immigration and nationality status of their adopted child. 

Monday, 29 October, 2018

As top London family solicitors we often receive phone calls asking ‘will I get interim maintenance’. It is rare for the family law and divorce team at OTS Solicitors to be able to give an immediate straight yes or no answer.

Friday, 26 October, 2018

The legal process involved in splitting up can take some people by surprise, and it often takes advice from divorce solicitors in London to bring home what’s involved.

Friday, 05 October, 2018

Alternative dispute resolution comes in a number of forms, endorsed by Resolution, the campaign group that promotes good practice in family law and which is supported by many of the best family solicitors. But what is alternative dispute resolution?

Wednesday, 03 October, 2018

Obtaining your UK visa to come and live, study or work in the UK, with or without the input of a Legal 500 immigration solicitor, is a real achievement – but what happens if your situation changes?

Monday, 01 October, 2018

OTS Solicitors are delighted to announce that Teni Shahiean, co-founder and recommended Legal 500 lawyer, will be taking part in a panel discussion on equality in the legal industry at the Royal Courts of Justice. The event will feature a number of inspirational women lawyers and OTS are proud to be involved. 

Monday, 01 October, 2018

One of the aspects of divorce that London top divorce lawyers are only too familiar with is the ongoing need to comply with the various orders of the court.

Thursday, 27 September, 2018

Many family law cases involving children, where, and with whom they should live are troubling, but even the most experienced and best family solicitors in London have been taken aback by the extreme set of facts around the child abduction case of Ford v Halil.

Thursday, 27 September, 2018

The Hague Convention deals with the return of children removed from their home country without permission – and as good family solicitors will be only too aware, Hague Convention cases are often complex. The best family solicitors will be sensitive to the fact that the subject of child abduction is emotive in itself.

Monday, 24 September, 2018

Not all divorce is equal – as any high net worth divorce lawyer will tell you, particularly if you are dealing with an international divorce. With different rules applying in different jurisdictions, some couples will disagree over where they should end their marriage.

Thursday, 20 September, 2018

While British Citizenship lawyers are often approached to discuss applications for Naturalisation as a British citizen by adults, the British Citizenship of under 18s is also a key issue.

Friday, 14 September, 2018

The question “How to choose a divorce lawyer?” is one that is sadly asked every day, in London and across the UK.

Thursday, 13 September, 2018

Choosing an immigration lawyer is one of the most important decisions you may have to make, and simply googling ‘immigration lawyer near me’ is not enough to ensure you instruct the best immigration lawyers for your situation.

Thursday, 06 September, 2018

divorce is one of the most stressful times in anyone’s life – but combine divorce with concerns over immigration status, and whether you talk to divorce lawyers in London or a UK

Thursday, 06 September, 2018

Following divorce, it is not uncommon for a parent to wish to move to a new geographic location with the child or children of the relationship. As good family solicitors will understand, the already complex provisions relating to relocation become even more so where there is an international element to the original relationship and the parent seeking to move intends to relocate abroad.

Friday, 24 August, 2018

Travelling abroad with children after divorce poses a whole range of legal issues for a parent – and as the best family lawyers are only too aware, getting it wrong can lead to serious legal consequences, including allegations of child abduction or even child trafficking.

Thursday, 16 August, 2018