FREE Live Webinar Why Write A Will? - Interview with Wills Lawyer Jayana Rathod of OTS Solicitors

The current unprecedented global pandemic COVID-19 demonstrates why it is important for everyone over the age of 18 with sound mind and of mental capacity to have a Will. Making a Will ensures that your estate, which can consist of financial and personal affairs are dealt with in accordance with your wishes.

It provides you with peace of mind knowing that your family, friends, charities and those intended, receive what you want to leave them after your death. Death is an inevitable fact of life and for this reason, OTS Solicitors are offering a free webinar with Jayana Rathod to discuss the following topics:

  1. The Importance of having a Will

  2. Common aspects for consideration when drafting a Will

  3. What happens if you do not have a Will

The drop-in client webinar will take place on Thursday the 28th May at 12:30pm

We will be offering free 30-minute consultations after the event for those interested in drafting a Will with professional legal guidance and who has any follow-up questions to ask.

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