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Success for OTS Solicitors in the Legal 500 2021 law directory

2020 has been a tough year for everyone but on the 30 September 2020 the lawyers at OTS Solicitors were delighted to receive some great news about rankings in the Legal 500 2021 law directory.

Thursday, 01 October, 2020
By Tomor Bahja, a leading human rights and immigration barrister regularly instructed by OTS Solicitors in judicial review proceedings, and immigration and human rights cases in the first tier tribunal, upper tribunal and High Court.


Monday, 04 May, 2020

If you need legal advice about any aspect of landlord and tenant law or personal immigration law then the landlord and tenant and personal immigration law teams at OTS Solicitors can help you.

Monday, 27 April, 2020

OTS Solicitors has been dealing with many clients who have received a letter from the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) informing them of the intention to revoke their driving licence.


It is certainly very upsetting news for the clients but what is important to note is all of them have something in common: they are facing revocation of their British Citizenship.

Thursday, 09 April, 2020

If you have come to the UK hoping to make a new life for yourself then being told by the Home Office that you can't stay in the UK can be devastating news. It could be that your visa extension application has been refused or you have been told you can't switch to a different type of visa.

Tuesday, 17 March, 2020

Once you have secured your first spouse visa it is all too tempting to think that you don’t need to spend much time or thought on your spouse visa extension application as after all you got your first spouse visa so an assumption is made that the Home Office will automatically process your schedule extension application and grant it.

Thursday, 12 March, 2020

Many people think that if the Home Office has said ‘no’ to their visa application then that’s the end to their immigration dreams because they don’t think they can take on the Home Office and win.

Friday, 06 March, 2020

If you have had your immigration application refused it can be a terrible blow for you and your family.

Monday, 02 March, 2020

If you are in the UK on a spouse visa and you are splitting up from your husband, wife, civil partner or partner because of their domestic violence you may think that not only are you losing your partner but also your new friends, job and your adopted country. That is because if you separate from your spouse or partner you won't be eligible to remain in the UK on your current spouse visa.

Wednesday, 26 February, 2020

You may think that 2020 is the year to apply for British citizenship. That may be because other family members are already British citizens or because British citizenship has been a long-held goal and you have been counting down the months to meet the British naturalisation application eligibility criteria.

Monday, 06 January, 2020
By Oshin Shahiean, managing partner at OTS Solicitors  
Monday, 04 February, 2019

It is with great anticipation and pleasure that we can let you know that due to our rapid growth and expansion we have now taken further offices in Chancery Lane.  Please note that from the 12th of March 2018 we will see all of our clients at our new offices located at 25 Southampton Buildings WC2A 1AL.

Your loyal business and support is one of the main reasons why we have grown so rapidly over the years. We look forward to seeing you at our new address.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have concerning the new location or our services.

Thursday, 08 March, 2018

From all the Solicitors and teams at OTS Solicitors, we welcome everyone into the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Dog!

Friday, 16 February, 2018
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OTS Solicitors is highly ranked in the Legal 500 and one of the most respected, successful niche law firms in London, specialising in immigration, commercial, civil litigation, employment, and family law.  We also provide

Friday, 17 November, 2017
OTS Solicitors Ranked In The Legal 500

OTS Solicitors is proud to announce it has been ranked in the Legal 500.

It is almost unprecedented that a firm established only two and half years ago has made it into this prestigious publication.

Thursday, 12 October, 2017
Paul Gulbenkian's profile

Earlier this year we interviewed Mr Paul Gulbenkian, a retired immigration tribunal judge and consultant at OTS Solicitors.

Monday, 16 January, 2017

R (on the application of Nouazli) v Secretary of State for the Home Department

Wednesday, 22 June, 2016
Immigration Judicial Review Justice

Since April 2015, an increasing number of applicants have been denied a right of appeal from Points-Based immigration decisions to Adult Dependant, Spouse Visas, ILR applicants, and various visitor visas applicants.

Tuesday, 03 May, 2016

In a recent amendment to the The Civil Proceedings, Family Proceedings and Upper Tribunal Fees (Amendment) Order 2016, immigration Judicial Review Application fees will be increased significantly. 

The increase will affect the following applications made in the course of a Judicial Review case:

Friday, 18 March, 2016

By Hans Sok Appadu of OTS Solicitors

Many local authorities are refusing to house asylum seekers in the UK, driving the system for housing migrants to the point of collapse, according to a special report on Radio Four’s Today programme on the 8th March 2016.

The crisis has become so bad that migrants are now being housed in hotels.

Thursday, 17 March, 2016

After talks lasting 12 hours on Monday evening, the EU and Turkey managed to hammer out a deal to try and stem the unending flow of migrants crossing the Aegean Sea to reach Greece and begin their new life in Europe.

Friday, 11 March, 2016

The Senior President of Tribunals’ Annual Report has just been published and it raises a number of substantial points which we will cover in-depth in an article next week.

In the meantime, here are some of the highlights contained in the report.

£700 million Funding to Reform courts and Tribunals

Monday, 29 February, 2016

- By Oshin Shahiean of OTS Solicitors

The Court of Appeal has recently addressed the complex meaning of ‘totally without merit’ in the case of Samia Wasif and another v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2016] EWCA Civ 82.  The principle was introduced in 2013 in an attempt to curb the rise in Judicial Review and oral renewals.  In theory, the procedural change makes sense; however, on close examination, it proves to be a complex situation.

Friday, 26 February, 2016

Seven Supreme Court judges have been hearing how the “absurd and irrational” Home Office minimum income threshold requirements are forcing UK citizens into exile and creating a generation of ‘Skype’ families. The immigration rules have created a discriminatory system where individuals who lack the education and income levels are being forced to live separately from their family.

Friday, 26 February, 2016

In a decision that has outraged the country and launched a petition being widely circulated on social media, the British Government has ordered that a frail 92-year-old must pack her bags and return to her native South Africa on Tuesday.

Myrtle Cothill, who has heart problems, who is losing her eyesight and cannot walk unaided, is looked after by her only daughter, Mary Wills, in Poole, Dorset.

Friday, 19 February, 2016

Part 2 – False imprisonment and Delay

Immigration applicants who are the victim of false imprisonment and/or delay may be able to claim damages from the Home Office.  Following on from our previous blog discussing the general principles of claiming compensation, this article will cover how the courts deal with these specific offences.

False Imprisonment

Monday, 15 February, 2016

Part 1 – General Principles

Clients often ask us during judicial review proceedings or immigration appeal if it is worth pursuing a claim for compensation against the Home Office for financial losses which have occurred due to a Home Office mistake or failure.

This is an interesting question, and unfortunately not that can be easily answered.
Monday, 15 February, 2016

- By Oshin Shahiean of OTS Solicitors

A report by David Bolt, the Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and immigration, on the Home Office’s asylum casework operations and the quality of its decision-making was released this week. 

The inspection involved a review of the following:

Friday, 05 February, 2016
EU Flag

- By Oshin Shahiean of OTS Solicitors

A decision by two British judges last week clearly illustrated the farcical nature of the Dublin Regulations in the face of the biggest refugee crisis to hit Europe since the Second World War.

Wednesday, 27 January, 2016

- By Teni Shahiean, of OTS Solicitors

Monday, 14 December, 2015

In this week’s article, we talk to Andrew Smith, Managing Director and founder of Albany Investment. Andrew has recently provided submissions to Professor Sir David Metcalf’s Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) Review of the Tier 1 Entrepreneur and Graduate Entrepreneur Routes.

Wednesday, 09 December, 2015

If you are waiting for your ILR or Indefinite Leave to Enter the UK case to be decided, the last thing you want is for the issue to drag on for months or even years.  In a recent report by David Bolt, Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and immigration, samples of 240 settlement cases were reviewed alongside focus groups and interviews at the settlement casework centre in Liverpool.  The findings found that in most circumstances, settlement c

Tuesday, 08 December, 2015

By Mr Oshin Shahiean of OTS Solicitors

Last week it was reported that a large backlog of immigration cases was building up in the UK because the Home Office and the Ministry of Justice are apparently at odds over who should pay for the tribunals.

Thursday, 19 November, 2015

Earlier this week, David Cameron formally set out his demands for renegotiating the UK's membership of the EU in a letter to the president of the European Council Donald Tusk.

The four key negotiation points are as follows:

Friday, 13 November, 2015

Acting for Kenyan national in a Court of Appeal case in relation to a human rights Application on both Article 3 and Article 8 of the European Convention on human rights.

Friday, 06 November, 2015

Last week Sweden dropped a bombshell on the European community by formally asking fellow EU members to relocate some of the thousands of migrants entering the country.  This move starkly illustrates how much pressure Europe is under to cope with the biggest migration of fellow human beings since the end of the Second World War.  Sweden has always been exceptionally generous with its migration policies, but it is now clear that even it cannot cope with the mass influx of humanity, desperately seeking safety and shelter from war and starvation.

Friday, 06 November, 2015
OTS Immigration Solicitors Immigration Advice

For migrants wishing to rent property in the United Kingdom, 2016 will be a pivotal year for change and it is imperative that current and prospective migrants be fully aware of the storm that is coming in the form of Right to Rent checks.

Friday, 30 October, 2015

New regulations The British Nationality (General) (Amendment No.3) Regulations 2015 which come into force on the 12th November 2015 make amendments to applying for naturalisation after Permanent Residence in the UK to the effect that:

• Naturalisation applicants must now have passed a Home Office-approved English language test

Monday, 26 October, 2015