London Immigration and Family Law Firm of the Year 2020

OTS Solicitors are the winners of the SME News award for ‘London immigration and family law firm of the year 2020’. Teni Shahiean, CEO of OTS Solicitors says "We recognised that there was a gap in the market for a niche immigration law practice with a specialist family law services offering for our global client base. We are delighted that SME News award recognises our joined-up approach to immigration and family law and our excellent client service".

London immigration and Family Law Solicitors 

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London immigration and family law firm 2020

When asked about the award 'London immigration and family law firm of the Year 2020', family law solicitor and head of the family law department, Angelique Holm, said:

"We have spent the last twelve months at OTS Solicitors really focussing on how we can add value to our client service by offering joined up bespoke immigration and family law services. Whilst I had hoped that in a few years’ time our efforts would perhaps be recognised by awards for what we’d achieved in the field of immigration and family law, I am delighted that all our hard work has been awarded by the title 'London immigration and family law firm 2020'. My only concern is how we are going to top this achievement in 2021".  

"When I tell people that OTS Solicitors are experts in the field of immigration  and family law many people don’t see the link between the two areas of expertise. Perhaps more worryingly many solicitors don’t. That means some divorce solicitors, although specialists in the field of divorce, don’t realise the implications of the timing of divorce proceedings can have on a person’s immigration status".

Likewise, an expert in the field of immigration law, who doesn’t have the benefit of a proactive family law team, won't necessarily recognise the importance of prenuptial agreements or cohabitation agreements (or mirror agreements for international families) for those entering the UK on Investor Visas, Start-up visas or innovator visas.

There are so many examples of where immigration law and family law cross over, such as:

immigration law, whether it is business immigration or personal immigration, is all about the movement of people and with people come their families and all their associated family law needs. By offering joined-up proactive family law advice and immigration law expertise we can help clients sort out either the immigration or family law issues that they sometimes don’t even appreciate that they have got or could have in the future.

Take the case of the immigration client arriving in the UK on an innovator visa or global talent visa. They may need:

"As a family law specialist working in a niche immigration law practice I feel as if I am in a very privileged position of meeting people at the start of the journey to the UK . That means we can work together to look at their associated immigration and family law needs. Those immigration and family law needs don’t normally stop on an individuals or families arrival in the UK but continue and change as 'life happens'. OTS Solicitors recognise that and are all about excellent client service, now and in the future".

"The ethos behind creating a bespoke immigration and family law service offering was so clients have a ‘trusted advisor’ they can go to for all their immigration law, business law and family law needs, now and in the future. Whilst the SME News award 'London immigration and family law firm 2020' reflects all the hard work all the family and immigration law teams have put in over the last twelve months it is equally pleasing to get wonderful feedback and reviews from our family and immigration law clients who have really appreciated what we are trying to achieve at OTS Solicitors”.

"At OTS Solicitors we are not just a firm of lawyers looking at the bottom line but we are all about managing client’s expectations with excellent client service and transparency. Our happy clients can testify to our success as we support them every step of the way".

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