OTS Academy COVID19 Employment Law Webinar - May 2020

Employment law informational video for employees and employers

Many employees, employers and HR directors are overwhelmed by all the recent changes in employment law whilst also feeling isolated as they are unable to attend seminars and training events during the Covid-19 lock down.

To keep in touch with clients (new and old) OTS Academy are providing a free informal drop-in webinar on a weekly basis, with the offer of free 30-minute complimentary advice for anyone joining the webinar and who has any follow-up questions to ask our panellists.

Our recent webinars have cover: Employment Law Landlord and Tenant Law Immigration Law family law Wills and Probate Law

We hope you enjoyed this webinar. Register for future webinars here info@otssolicitors.co.uk (they're free!) If you have any questions following the issues raised in this webinar, please comment below or contact us at info@otssolicitors.co.uk / 0203 959 9123.


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