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Our Solicitors are particularly experienced in acting on behalf of individuals seeking to claim compensation for a personal injury caused by an accident that was someone else’s fault. OTS Solicitors will provide the best Personal Injury Solicitors, as there are no other circumstances more important to have an experienced and persistent solicitor at your side than in a case of injury suffered as a result of another person’s negligence.

At OTS Solicitors we understand how difficult it is to go through the mental and physical anguish of an injury, whether you are the one who has been harmed or it is a loved one. Our specialist team is experienced in a wide range of personal injury cases.

Many people faced with an injury are unsure what their rights are. Often enough they face insurance companies or large corporations and are intimidated into thinking that they either have no chance of winning, or have no right to compensation. This is where having an experienced team of expert personal injury solicitors comes into play.

Our Solicitors are well practiced and are aware of tactics and practices used by the insurance companies to avoid paying compensations, or by corporations and professional bodies to negate liability. Contact us to find out if the injury you have sustained gives you a right to compensation, or to find out if the mental hardship or physical harm that was caused to you qualifies as a personal injury.

Personal injury is a term used to describe physical and/or psychological harm that was caused to a person by the action of another. The scenarios and variety of personal injury cases is too wide to describe, but just to list some instances, it can range from a car accident, to an injury sustained at work or as a result of a professional negligence and so on. Not all the harm and injury raises liability to a third person. In depth and specialist assessment is necessary to determine whether you have sustained a harm that can be classified as a personal injury. We can assess whether the injury you sustained falls under the categories that entitle you to claim compensation and guide you through the process of securing the needed evidence.

The compensation that can be claimed for personal injury falls under two main categories: General Damages and Special Damages. The first one is awarded for pain, suffering and loss of amenity. That means that in addition for the sums the court awards to the claimant for the pain and suffering, it will also order the defendant to pay compensation for the claimant’s loss of enjoyment of life. This can range from the limitation to one’s mobility, ability to work or to function properly as a full member of society, due to physical or psychological impact of the injury. It is an area where expert knowledge is vital, in order to be able to correctly assess what constitutes as loss of amenity and not to risk bringing frivolous lawsuits.

The second type of damages – Special Damages, are meant to compensate the claimant for the expenses that occurred as a result of the injury and can include:

  • Medical expenses related to the injury
  • Expenses with travel to get medical treatment
  • Medical care and rehabilitation required as a result of injury
  • The cost of any equipment, or should such need arise alteration to your living environment in order to adapt it to your circumstances that arouse from injury
  • Cost of every day care and assistance, even if done by family and friends
  • Loss of personal belongings
  • Loss of earnings, including, in some instances, future Employment opportunities

No two situation of personal injury are alike, for that reason, for full and correct assessment of the damages you might be able to claim, please contact our solicitors.

Whatever the injuries that you have sustained or issues you are facing as a result of it, our Solicitors would provide you with detailed, easy to comprehend advice tailored to your needs. OTS Solicitors have built reputation providing the best representation for the Personal Injury cases and can successfully handle the disputes in and out of courts.

For information relating to Personal Injury cases please call our Solicitors on 0203 959 9123 or fill in our Contact form and we will be in contact in a manner that suits you.


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