refuse naturalisation for not declaring a simple police caution that I forget due to the way the caution was given to me. I qualify in all other aspect. I was refuse on June 2015. Can I make a new application with your support and a possibly success. this is due to the fact that I was advised is open for me to apply for citizenship but my failure to disclose my caution will possibly lead to refusal for any application made for citizenship with in 10 years

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Thank you for your enquiry.

You may be able to re-apply for naturalisation, however, it is important for us to consider the refusal letter before we can advise any further. We will also need to take detailed instructions from you with regard to your police caution and establish how we can address  this were you to qualify to make a new application. At this stage, we strongly suggest you attend a consultation at our office in order for us to assess your matter in detail. 

We will contact you shortly to discuss your Immigration matter. 

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