Application for UK Fiancé Visa - Citizen of Philippines

My fiancé and I have been planning to apply for a fiancé visa in the UK for the longest time. However, due to COVID-19 restrictions, we became less confident in how to go about with our visa application. Thankfully, we found Nollienne at OTS Solicitors. She did an amazing job at providing us more information about the process and even gave advice we wouldn't have gotten anywhere else had we not requested for assistance. When I got confused with some technicalities, she was patient and more than happy to help. It was an absolute pleasure to work with her. Within a matter of 2 months, we completed the requirements. Two weeks after submitting my application, I received my visa! We would definitely recommend Nollienne and OTS Solicitors to anyone applying for a visa. We're certain we'll stay in contact with her in the future.

We can't thank you enough, Nollienne! We wish you and the whole organisation the best.


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Application for UK Fiancé Visa

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