Asylum & Spousal visa - Citizen of Mali

OTS and their team of lawyers are my highest recommended solicitors in the Uk.
This is not just a compliment, it is coming from my deepest belief.
I claimed Asylum in the Uk based on my sexual orientation, my Asylum claimed was refused and subsequently I was detained and given removal directions.
Bailed out by my now wife, we filed for FLR-FP which was also refused that is when We went to see OTS solicitors after spending over £10.000 in previous legal fees alone
At OTS Solicitors, the lawyers took my case, on our first contact we realised we finally found the Solicitor who can win our case, her knowledge of immigration laws, her availability throughout my case gave me the confidence no previous Solicitor came even close to match.
Based on her advice I decided to leave the UK and come to Senegal to apply for spousal visa the 10/11/16.
The 31/01/17 I was granted entry clearance to our greatest joy.
OTS Solicitors you made our couple life possible, may God rewards you greatly


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Asylum & Spousal visa

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