Discretionary Leave To Remain - Citizen of Bangladesh

I was looking for someone that I can trust and not someone who would complicate things or prolong my case. I have read lots of horror stories about other firms that deal with immigration and spoken to a few who rank at the top in Google search results. Most of these firms just seem to be money grabbers, particularly the ones that deal with people from a south Asian background. OTS Solicitors are way above the rest! I dealt with Maryem from OTS Solictors and she was amazing! She was precise, succinct and to the point. Maryem is very helpful, friendly and sincere, she is exactly what I needed for a complicated case of discretionary leave to remain. I would highly recommend Maryem at OTS Solicitors to any friends or family. I had already prepared most of my case myself, I met Maryem for 1 hour and she went through all of my paperwork, letters and evidences and told me what was missing and what needed to be added. I couldn't have asked for more. Thank you Maryem, God bless you.


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Discretionary Leave To Remain

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