High Court Judicial Review - Citizen of Zambia

My application to stay in the UK with my daughter was rejected by the Home Office because I had not met all the requirements for a valid application for Further leave to remain...thanks to Oshin Shahiean I was able to challenge the Home Office at first instance on the grounds that rejecting my application amounted to a violation of my ECHR right under Article 8 Family Life. Following this we were able to not only ensure I was lawfully in the UK but also allowed me to re-apply to stay in the UK with my daughter. However, following a 2 year delay by the Home Office to decide my case, I went back to Oshin Shahiean and he challenged the Home Office in the high court on the unreasonable delay in recording a immigration decision in my case. Thanks to Oshin Shahiean for his hard work and for not giving up on my daughter and I, I now have leave to remain in the UK and I continue living with my family and studying in the UK. We are very grateful...because now it has really sunk in.


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High Court Judicial Review