Permanent residency - Citizen of Nigeria

My time with OTS Solicitors was fantastic, they are experienced with the right legal team to approach all individual cases with the right understanding from both sides of the aisle, they are punctual and also care about their clients. It's experience that when you involve GOD in your affairs the obvious begins to work. Not all law firms are the same, and sometimes the difference between winning and loosing, is the right approach/strategy, and a willingness to fight. I have been to a lot of law firms; top legal 500 firms, expensive firms, firms with lawyers from my ethnic background, and by GOD, what took 10 years to solve, OTS completed in 6 months. My advice to anyone reading this is to try OTS Solicitors, ask questions and listen! And if you're clever enough, you'll hear what I herd 6 months ago.


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Permanent residency

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