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Divorce Financial Settlement reached at the First (FDA) Hearing!

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Client was in the process of his divorce proceedings when he approached us. He received numerous very unreasonable offers from his ex-spouse in respect of how their matrimonial finances should be split. In this case it was a long marriage of 20 + years with two grown up children and one in their teens. Also, the parties had equally contributed to the family life. Our client felt cornered with these unreasonable proposals and therefore, came to us for help.

We felt that the other side’s proposals were more than disproportionate and by scrutinising the ex-spouse’s financial disclosure (form E) right from the initial stages and pushing for further disclosure which we believed she did not wish to provide, we managed to obtain a financial settlement whereby our client retained his pension and other assets which were solely in his name as well as a substantial percentage of the former matrimonial home.

In the client’s own words:

  • ‘Angelique and Magdelena looked after me with my divorce case, combined they made a powerful, calm, and caring team that through excellent communication and respect for the other side managed to secure the best result for me,  so thank you very much for your help.’

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