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Tips on reducing the costs of a divorce

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You would think that a London divorce solicitor would not be suggesting ways to reduce the legal costs of your divorce proceedings. At OTS Solicitors, we believe that clients can and should help themselves and that as London divorce solicitors we should work with you and other professionals, such as your accountant or independent financial advisor to make your divorce and financial settlement as quick and as emotionally and financially painless as possible.

At OTS Solicitors we are realistic. No London divorce solicitor is going to “magic away” all the stress and costs of getting divorced and reaching a financial settlement but there are steps that both you and your chosen London divorce solicitor can take to help reduce the emotional and financial costs of a divorce .

How can OTS Solicitors help?

At OTS Solicitors, our goal is simple; to understand your needs, provide the legal advice you need and to guide you through your options so you can make informed decisions that are right for you and your family.

For caring and compassionate expert legal advice on UK divorce and family law, contact OTS London divorce solicitors today for an informal chat on how London divorce solicitor, Angelique Holm, and the divorce team at OTS Solicitors can help you.  Call us on 0203 959 9123 and let us help you.

Tips on reducing the costs of a divorce 

The divorce process can be relatively straightforward or it can drag on, sometimes for months on end. If the divorce proceedings take a long time to complete it can add to the emotional trauma and financial strain.

Discuss the divorce proceedings 

The best London divorce solicitors recommend that in the majority of family situations you discuss starting divorce proceedings before you issue the divorce petition at court.

Some London divorce solicitors will want to hurry you to make the decision to start divorce proceedings and to get the ball rolling without first agreeing with your ex-partner about the grounds for the divorce. If you start the divorce proceedings without you or your London divorce solicitor first discussing the contents of the divorce petition with your spouse this could lead to them contesting the divorce proceedings. In addition, it can make sorting out the childcare and financial settlement a lot more difficult because of their animosity stemming from the way in which the divorce proceedings were started.

The best London divorce solicitors know that one of the keys to quickly and amicably resolving divorce proceedings, parenting arrangements and the financial settlement is how spouses and their divorce solicitors communicate at the outset. Even if your spouse does not want a divorce based on their unreasonable behaviour or does not like your financial settlement proposals if solicitor communications are not aggressive and treat your spouse with respect, they are more likely to want to engage in negotiations to sort things out so you can both move on.

Choose the right London divorce solicitor

Choosing the right London divorce solicitor is important. You want someone who will listen to what you want. However great their reputation you have to remember that when it comes to divorce solicitors you are the one who ultimately tells them what to do.

That means you do not necessarily want a diva divorce solicitor but a divorce solicitor who listens and then talks to you about your options. All too often divorcing husbands and wives can feel railroaded into starting financial or children court proceedings without being made aware of the alternatives, such as family mediation or a solicitor’s roundtable meeting.

Get the divorce support you need

Divorce support comes in many forms. It may be a professional counsellor, or something less formal such as a drink with a friend or relative or just finding time for a manicure or a round of golf.

In addition to emotional support, you may need help from your accountant, a forensic accountant, independent financial advisor or pension actuary. Your divorce solicitor should help explain why professional help can be the key to reaching an informed and early financial resolution.

Sometimes people worry that they need too much help and that they should understand about the tax implications of one type of financial settlement, understand the company accounts for the family business or the movements on a director’s loan account without having to ask for advice. From a divorce solicitor’s point of view, no question is too basic to ask and answer.

If you have children, they may need their own emotional support from a therapist or school counsellor or may just want to spend time with friends. Sometimes, older children may benefit from family therapy sessions.

Take advice

If you have chosen the right London divorce solicitor they should guide, rather than tell you, what your options are when it comes to a financial settlement.

If you want to keep the family home, the family business and the pension your divorce solicitor may tell you that is unrealistic. If they do then you have probably chosen the right divorce solicitor. That is because they are giving you guidance and advice rather than blindly following what you say you want and starting expensive financial court proceedings when you are unlikely to get all the family assets.

A divorce solicitor is there to take the emotions out of the situation when you are weighing up a proposed financial settlement or parenting arrangement. Is this the best option for you and your children? What are the alternate options? Then your divorce solicitor should look at the likelihood of your getting a better financial settlement or parenting arrangement if you go to court. They should weigh up the costs of the court proceedings, balance the risks of you not ending up with what you want from a family court and then work out with you whether the proposals are something you are prepared to accept.

Divorce is one of the biggest decisions that anyone has to take or has thrust upon them. However if you chose the right support and divorce solicitor then you should be able to reduce the financial and emotional costs of the divorce proceedings.

How can OTS Solicitors help?

For caring and compassionate expert legal advice on UK divorce and family law, contact OTS London divorce solicitors today for an informal chat on how London divorce solicitor, Angelique Holm, and her divorce team can help you.  Call us on 0203 959 9123 and let us help you.    

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