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OTS Successful Entry Clearance Fiancé Visa

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Mr T, who is an Irish citizen, and his fiancé, a Mexican national, came to us for assistance with making an entry clearance application.

The Applicant’s Circumstances

The applicant had been previously married and had two children. He was now in a homosexual relationship with T. Unfortunately, he had a record of Immigration offences in America, having worked there illegally numerous times.

How we Helped

All nationalities that require a visa to enter the UK must apply for entry clearance, even if they are only visiting the country on holiday. Citizens hailing from the Commonwealth and non-visa countries are given up to six months of entry clearance to come to the UK for tourist purposes.

We were able to gain entry clearance for Mr T’s fiancé, which will allow him to visit Mr T and apply for a visa to stay in the UK.

This work was carried out by Principal Solicitor Teni Shahiean with the assistance of Senior Caseworker Nataliya Bondarets.

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