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Sponsorship Licence Management Service

Our Immigration solicitors make managing the Sponsorship Licence process easy.  We will partner with your business, ensure we understand it and support you in not only getting your UK Immigration Sponsorship Licence, but in keeping it.

Our services and support around Sponsorship Licences are all encompassing.  They include:

  • Acting as Key Contact and Level 1 User for your organisation.  The Key Contact is the person responsible for liaising with the Home Office when they require documentation, or require questions to be answered.  The Level 1 user manages the Home Office Sponsorship Management System, which collates the day to day activities and records of non-EEA nationals working for an organisation.
  • Auditing your HR policies and procedures in preparation for applying for a Sponsorship Licence.  We will review your HR processes and ensure you have policies and procedures in place to fulfil your sponsorship obligations.  The five main areas in which sponsors need to show compliance are:
    • a)    monitoring Immigration status and preventing illegal Employment
    • b)    maintaining migrant contact details
    • c)    record keeping duties
    • d)    migrant tracking and monitoring
    • e)    recruitment practices and professional registrations and accreditations

We will ensure your HR department can manage these extra responsibilities efficiently and effectively.  They can rely on our support whenever it is required and can contact us with questions anytime.

  • Issuing Certificates of Sponsorship on your behalf.
  • Advising on advertising requirements if the position you need to fill is not on the Shortage Occupation List
  • Ensuring that prospective employees are supported through their application process for a Tier 2 entry visa and preparing and submitting their applications.

Applying for a UK Sponsorship Licence

To be eligible for a UK Sponsorship Licence you must prove to the Home Office that:

  • your organisation is genuine and operating or trading lawfully in the UK
  • is based in Great Britain
  • has the necessary planning permission or Local Planning Authority consent for the type of work you are doing
  • is 'honest, dependable and reliable'
  • is no threat to current Immigration control
  • can and will comply with required sponsorship duties and responsibilities.

Applicants for a UK Sponsorship Licence are rigorously questioned by officials to establish whether or not they are capable of complying with relevant duties and responsibilities.

You may be asked questions about the structure of your organisation, the nature of your business, why you need to recruit non-EEA nationals and your HR policies and procedures.  Our Immigration solicitors will review your organisation and alert you to any weaknesses that could jeopardise your chances of gaining a Sponsorship Licence.

Assisting with the suitability assessment

The Home Office will consider whether an organisation is suitable to be granted a Sponsorship Licence by examining whether or not they can comply with four broad suitability categories. These are:

  1. whether it has effective human resources systems to be able to fulfil its sponsor duties
  2. whether it or any of its associated persons have:
    1. been given a civil penalty for employing an illegal worker
    2. been given a civil penalty within the last five years under any of the legislative provisions listed in Appendix C other than in relation to illegal working
    3. have any unspent convictions for a relevant offence or any of the offences listed in Annex 7of the Points-Based System Sponsor Guidance (SG)
  3. whether the organisation has a previous record of non-compliance or poor compliance with the duties of sponsorship or is employing any migrants (whether sponsored or not) who are in breach of their conditions of leave
  4. whether it is able to offer 'genuine Employment' which meets the Tier 2 (General) criteria on skill level and appropriate salary rate

Your organisation will also be assessed on its honesty and dependability, and compliance with the law in areas other than Immigration.

Home Office visits

If the Home Office decides to visit your organisation to assess its capability of fulfilling sponsorship duties, we will be on hand to manage the process.  Our Immigration lawyers will work with you to prepare for the visit, ensuring that all documentation and procedures are up-to-date and easily accessible.

Our Immigration solicitors will ensure the visit is stress free and successful.

Support if your licence is downgraded

If your Sponsorship Licence is downgraded from an A-rating to a B-rating, we will devise a fast and effective strategy to implement any action plans set out by the Home Office.  Our Immigration lawyers will utilise their vast experience to ensure you re-acquire your A-rating as soon as possible.

Let us provide you and your organisation with the support and service it needs to comply with its UK Sponsorship Licence duties through our dedicated Sponsorship Licence Management Service.

To find out more about our Sponsor Licence Management Service, please feel free to contact our UK Immigration solicitors on 0203 959 9123. We are here to help you achieve your commercial ambitions.

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