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Sponsorship Licence Renewal

Sponsor licences are normally valid for 4 years, so they will need to be renewed periodically. Sponsor licence renewal is not always straightforward, especially as the Home Office rules for sponsors change regularly. It is therefore sensible to seek specialist advice when the time comes to renew your sponsor licence.

OTS Solicitors have a dedicated immigration law team who specifically deal with business immigration and provide a full package to employers who wish to make a sponsorship licence renewal application.

To talk to one of our award-winning immigration solicitors for sponsorship licence renewal support, please contact us on 0203 959 9123 to make an appointment.

The main sponsor licence renewal services that we provide include:

  • Advising sponsors on the correct first sponsor licence application
  • Assisting sponsors in nominating a Level 1 User in accordance with Home Office guidance
  • Advising on skilled worker visa eligibility criteria as well as work visa extension and visa renewal
  • Sponsor licence management services to ensure reporting and recording duties are complied with to assist with the sponsorship licence renewal
  • Concisely explaining the sponsor licence renewal guidance published by the Home Office
  • Providing detailed advice and guidance on the supporting sponsor licence renewal documents required and assistance in gathering the documents in the correct format within the tight deadline
  • Undertaking a thorough audit on HR systems and processes to ensure that these processes are in line with the Home Office guidance
  • Completion of the sponsor licence renewal application process
  • Advising on how long sponsorship licences last for

Our team of specialist immigration solicitors possess in-depth knowledge and understanding on how business immigration operates in the UK. We are therefore best equipped in ensuring your application for the renewal of your company sponsorship licence is successful without causing disruption to your daily business activities.

Many applicant companies ask how long it takes to renew a sponsorship licence or have other questions about sponsorship licence renewal.  Take a look at our answers to questions we have been asked about sponsorship licence renewal, or feel free to ask our immigration lawyers a question.

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How do you renew a sponsorship licence?

To obtain an extension for a sponsorship licence, a sponsoring employer must submit a sponsorship licence renewal application to the online Home Office Sponsor Management System.

Companies are permitted to submit a sponsor licence renewal application at least three months prior to the expiry of their licence. The renewal process is completed online.

Companies are required to select a Level 1 User to settle the compulsory renewal fee and complete the sponsor declaration, following which the nominated Level 1 User can request the renewal.

The Home Office are constantly updating the requirements that sponsoring employers must meet along with an extensive list of recording and reporting duties that all sponsor licence holders must comply with.

It is the responsibility of sponsoring companies to ensure that they comply with all updated sponsor licence requirements. It is important to note that the sponsorship licence is not renewed automatically once the online renewal application is submitted to the Home Office.

The sponsorship licence is extended temporarily whilst the Home Office conduct their relevant checks. These checks may require the provision of further documents from the company which must all be provided to the Home Office within five working days.

Failing to provide the requested documents within the deadline could have serious consequences for a sponsoring employer and their employees and as such it is imperative that sponsors have prompt guidance and advice when collating the requested sponsor licence renewal information.

As part of the Home Office sponsor licence renewal checks, the Home Office can visit a sponsor business to ensure that the company is complying with their requirements and duties as a sponsor.

During an audit visit, the Home Office official can request to see any documents deemed relevant. It is therefore extremely important that sponsors follow the Home Office sponsor licence requirements in relation to record keeping and compliance checks at all times as Home Office visits can be unannounced.

Sponsor licence renewals explained

How often do you need to renew your sponsor licence?

Under the UK’s points-based immigration system, employers in the UK are required to hold a sponsorship licence in order to sponsor workers from overseas who are subject to immigration controls and require a work visa.

The sponsorship licence is issued by the Home Office and is generally valid for four years. In the same way that work visas require visa renewal and visa extension, a sponsorship licence must be renewed if the company intends to continue to employ its overseas workers on skilled worker visas under the points-based immigration system.

How long will the renewal process take?

The sponsor licence renewal process will take a while as the Home Office will need to conduct thorough checks on all applications in addition to also visiting some sponsoring employers. It is helpful to have solicitors dealing with the renewal application so the renewal process is dealt with as quickly as possible through constant contact with the Home Office. The solicitors can provide sponsoring employers with regular updates.

We have dealt with many large companies in the UK and have been successful at obtaining, not only the initial licence, but also sponsorship licence renewals.

Why choose OTS Solicitors to assist with sponsorship licence renewal?

Key reasons to choose our team for sponsorship licence renewal support include:

  • We regularly support a wide range of clients with sponsor licence renewals and have a very high success rate for our clients
  • We hold the highest Law Society Accreditation award in Immigration Law
  • We have been consistently ranked as leading immigration experts by respected client guides, the Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners
  • Head of Department Teni Shahiean is a Legal 500 recommended Immigration Lawyer
  • Managing Partner Oshin Shahiean is a Law Society accredited Immigration Supervisor and accredited Senior Level 2 Immigration Advisor OISC Level 3
  • Senior Immigration Consultant Paul Gulbenkian is a former Immigration Tribunal Judge and Crown Court Recorder, a founder member of the Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association (ILPA) and President of the European Immigration Lawyers Group
  • Our team has over 85 years of combined experience and knowledge covering all areas of immigration law

Your case and the outcome of your application really matter to our team. We personally invest in our clients because we know how much your business means to you.

We are committed to keeping things as simple, smooth and seamless as possible for you. You will work directly with an experienced immigration lawyer and we will always be available to answer any questions you may have.

You can read more about our expertise and exceptional personal service on our main business immigration service page.

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We can discuss how we can assist your organisation with sponsor licence renewal at our offices, over the phone or online via Web Conferencing such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx or Skype.

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The Tier 2 Sponsorship Licence renewal process is quite straight forward if you have complied with your obligation as a sponsor and have maintained accurate files for your Tier 2 employees, your existing HR systems are compliant with the relevant policy guidance and you have ensured that you have informed the Sponsorship Licence team of any changes to your circumstances via the SMS system.

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